The arrival of cheap mechanical watches from the Far East, as well as the development of digital quartz, watches pioneered by Japanese companies.

Timex organized its development on various consumer products and refocused efforts specifically on timepieces. For Timex products, quality and the fashionable designs became essential to success in the market. Even though Timex has a strong status for long-lasting products, longer battery existence, more amazing gold plating, superior accuracy and more water resistant models are some of the many improvements that are implemented. Top athletes assisted in the design of sports watches for the particular sports which led to the introduction of the most successful Timex watches in the post-mechanical watch era.

On the first year, Timex became the best-selling watch manufacture company in the United States and the world’s largest selling sports watchmaker. Timex offers you the most durable, attractive, beautiful and loaded technological watches for everyone.

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