Seiko Watches

seikoThe story of SEIKO begins in 1881 when a 22-year-old entrepreneur, Kintaro Hattori, opens his clock repair shop in Tokyo. SEIKO has never given up its position as a leader in technological innovation, the true secret of its success.

With great expertise, SEIKO has created synergies between the different technologies that have led to major innovations. Today, after 132 years of innovation, the watch manufacturer remains faithful and innovative to the commitment of its founder: the quest for perfection. SEIKO invents the quartz watch the era of quartz is just born that engineers are already dreaming of the next step: the Kinetic watch. 19 years later, this dream becomes reality. KINETIC is the first watch in the world to produce its own electricity.

Seiko is offering you the best technological watches with lots of elegance, durability, and beauty here is the huge range that will provide the most amazing watches for everyone!

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