GUCCI-logoGucci watches are manufactured in Switzerland since 1972. It is this alliance between Swiss watchmaking tradition, the sense of detail and the Italian elegance of Gucci that allows the brand to flourish in the world perfectly. Gucci has a watchmaking history for more than 40 years.

Gucci watches are distinguished by the emblems of Gucci that appear on all watches for men and women. The rich history of the House provides an endless source of inspiration and iconic watch models that adapt perfectly to all styles of watches. These details may appear on the dial, bracelet, box, clasp or other parts of the watch. The Gucci brand is fully loaded with many beautiful, classic, iconic, super cool watches.

A strong design, a readable dial, a Swiss Made alternative watch, these are all the best assets that make the fashion equipped Gucci brand is sold within the initial days of launch.

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