Emporio Armani

emporio-armani-logoEmporio Armani is the innovative line launched by Giorgio Armani in 1981 for the younger generation. Its name reflects its revolutionary character. From the beginning, the wonderful brand Emporio Armani is a sign of fashion phenomenon and his logo represents his characteristic eagle and charm.

The stylish watches of Emporio Armani are belonging to all young customers around the world. Over the years, the collection has evolved, grown up and today, Emporio Armani is much more a line in itself, evoking a dynamic and casual spirit. There are recurring features, such as casual style and aesthetic elegance, which are reworked season after season using living, urban language. Emporio Armani expresses vitality and a carefree attitude that shows a special look and special nobility. It’s a rich collection of ideas; the new way to reflect the lifestyle of today’s youth around the world you can pick the right one especially for you!

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