Most Expensive Timepieces in the World

Many people need a watch from making the day even more productive. Time management would be the best way to make it easier. We seem to choose a watch when it has good design and we also look after the quality isn’t it? But what makes a watch worth buying?

Would you even think some watches are really expensive?

Let’s start taking a look over to the Top 10 Most Expensive Watches that are made and are being marketed all over the world.

Chopard 210 karat

This is the most expensive masterpiece that costs $26 million. Chopard is both a jewelry maker and a watchmaker and is known for creating ladies watches. The company got its name from its founder Louis-Ulysse Chopard. In 1963, a Goldsmith named Karl Scheufele has taken Chopard and is now the Owner of the company. Scheufele is also an experienced creator of watches. This luxury watch is created to look gorgeous with flower-like materials surrounding it.

Chopard has designed this watch with three-heart shaped diamonds containing a 5-karat pink diamond, a 12-carat blue colored diamond and an 11-karat white. In addition to these, they have added 163-karats of white and yellow colored diamonds making this watch more luxurious in style, with 201- karats of diamonds in total. This is the most expensive watch that was ever created as it is worth $26 million dollars. I think every dollar is worth it when you see this handmade watch claiming to have 874 high-grade diamonds with different colors and sizes, looking like a bracelet rather than a watch. Other than that, this bracelet-like watch has three heart-shaped diamonds that opens like a flower when the spring-loaded mechanism located on its side is pressed. Who would have thought it would be this amazing?

Patek Philippe Super Complication

A creation that had taken place in seven years since 1925 by Henry Grave which has 24-horological complications that were built by hand.

The makers had spent three years to design this masterpiece and took another five years to manufacture with no help from a single computer. It was first introduced in 1933 far more complicated than any other mechanical timepiece made in the last 50 years.

There are also several switches on the side of the case. One of the switches turns the sonnerie on and off. The other one switches it between a petite in just a quarter and grand sonnerie by an hour and quarter automatically. The third switch turns the central alarm on and off.  This watch was said to operate flawlessly as well as the chiming and the alarm functions.

The appearance of the Supercomplication is really big, was said to be over 70 mm in diameter and weighs a pound. What’s mind-blowing about this watch is that it still functions perfectly over 80 years after it was made. I would say that the price of $11 million will be worth it!

Patek Philippe Platinum World Time 1939

Patek Philippe’s Platinum World Time was sold at an auction for $4 million USD by Antiquorum auctioneers in 2002. When it was introduced, it was the most expensive wristwatch in the world.  Many believe there was only ever one of them created. Using it you are able to find time in 42 cities across the world and it winds by itself. The World Time complication was invented by Louis Cottier in 1935 and this was said to be a unique men’s platinum wristwatch that was ever created. Demanding customers can choose from colors: platinum rose, white and yellow gold. It also has a fold-over clasp and sapphire crystal case. This piece is 3.88 millimeter in height and 27.5 millimeters in diameter with 33 pieces of jewel-studded to it with eight bridges and has 239 total parts, moreover, a water-resistant masterpiece to 30 meters.

Vacheron Constatin Tour de I’lle

Jean-Marc Vacheron and Constantin had teamed up in 1755 and The Vacheron Constantin became famous when it comes to making luxurious timepieces.

The Tour de I’lle masterpiece is one of the most complicated watches that has been created. This watch is made of 834 individual pieces, which took 10,000 hours to complete the design work.

It features a rear dial which the top and the center showcase the months of the year while the bottom displays the days of the week. It is also equipped with representations for the hours, minutes, and seconds. The watch serves for a display of sky chart, sunrise, sunset, the equation of time. A masterpiece that has 18-karats of Rose Gold on the Vacheron Constantin Logo that was said to be made of sapphire crystals while the straps are made of a deep brown alligator leather and the clasp is also an 18-karat rose gold buckle.

Isn’t the price of $1.5 million dollars is so worth it for buyers as this masterpiece is made to give 58-hour power reserve with 2,750 caliber engine with 38 rubies and 18 thousand yph?

Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon

This $1.3 million worth watch – as the product of heritage which is created with 18-carat gold has complications including an equation of time display which has been calibrated to Warren, Ohio showed by its gold hand ending in a sun. Demonstrating the expertise of Patek Philippe in the entire horological complications including caliber 89 that was introduced in 1989.

The Sky Moon Tourbillon has the World Record as the most complicated portable mechanical watch having 33 complications.

It was made with chimes of Cathedral songs that is activated by a slide piece in its case. A moon phase display is nestled inside a subdial at 12 o’clock that shows the month as well. Across the dial at 6, a subdial that has three small hands gives information on the weekday, date, and leap year. The subdial at 9 o’clock displays the time of sunrise while the subdial at 3 shows the time of sunset.

The slide on the side of the case allowed the carillon (three-gong) minute repeater to ring on demand. Popping the back open by pressing on the crown allowed Packard to view a blue enamel celestial chart of 500 stars reproducing Warren, Ohio’s night sky that rotated daily to display the real-time view outside Packard’s mansion at night. In terms of wristwatches, the Sky Moon Tourbillon is Patek Philippe’s most complicated work boasting the 12 complications on two dials in front and at the back. It also continues the astronomical tradition which was begun by Packard in 1927. Only 3 to 5 of these will be completed per year due to the amount of time involved in creating every one of the 686 movement components, engraving the case and enameling two dials underneath the anti-reflective sapphire crystals on its front and back.

Chopard Super Ice Cube

This gorgeous bracelet-like ladies watch has 30 mm 18-karat white gold with baguette diamonds on top and the sides worth $1.1 million dollars which has the precision of Swiss quartz movement. Designed as scratch-resistant sapphire crystals. Furthermore, it has been created to be water-resistant to a hundred feet.

The masterpiece has been known for its unique beauty having 60-karats of diamonds. These gemstones are shaped and cut just like ice cubes. Altogether, this particular timepiece weighs 66-karats. How I wish I could have this watch for myself.

Hublot Black Caviar Bang

This unique piece made by Hublot houses Tourbillon is the symbol of the fusion between watchmaking and jewelry, with both tradition and the technology—sparkle and invisibility by featuring the Hub Solo tourbillon movement. Sapphire crystals with anti-reflective treatment and Hublot Logo printed on its inner casing. The invisible set of black baguette diamonds on a case which sublime beauty knows how to conquer the public has been awarded in 2009 that is worth a million dollar. The value of $1 million dollars is due to the presence of very rare 322 black diamonds covering the body, that is made of white gold. The Bezel of this Black Caviar Bang is a polished black ceramic with 6 H-shaped titanium screws and the case is approximately 41 mm in diameter. It was said to have black ceramic dial and rhodium plated hands which also has self-winding movement. It is a very light and highly fashionable timepiece and it truly stands out. Also, has an adjustable leather strap.

Louis Moinet Magistralis

A $860,000 dollar watch remarkable by the fact that the body has a piece of a real Lunar meteorite, said to be the most expensive as this meteorite came from the moon; much more expensive than gold and platinum; that is estimated to be 2000 years of age. Covered with 18 karat gold which is also equipped with a minute reminder, perpetual calendar, and chronograph made by Louis Moinet, a French horologist, sculptor, and painter. Showcasing a grand complication and features a mono-pusher column wheel chronographer, a minute reminder with cathedral chimes, also with a violin style. An elegant watch which is made in Geneva over a hundred years ago and therefore has the Poincon De Geneve quality hallmark.

Blancpain 1735 Grande Complication

Blancpain’s 1735 is pretty unique because it was developed by modern watch-making techniques by the computer when it was still in its infancy. This watch with the automatic winding is in a platinum casing with a diameter 31.5 mm and with 44 stones. This wrist watch is equipped with the perpetual calendar including the date, day of the week, month, leap year, moon phases. Also, has split chronograph with two-second hands and a minute repeater. In order to collect all the components of this elegant watch worth $800,000 dollars, the makers had to work for more than ten months.

Brequet Pocket Watch 1970 BA/12

This very stylish pocket watch in 18-carat gold is a gorgeous masterpiece which has been a hand engraved and it showcases a silver face of exquisite art costing $734,000 dollars and is one of the most expensive antique watches in the world. These Brequet Pocket watches are in museums and in private collections all over the world. The simple dial and the style of this watch have captured the hearts of antique clock lovers for decades now.

I can’t really compare any of these watches because they are all elegant and very interesting. The complications are amazing, the mechanism and all the features every timepiece has showcased in history.  If I would be given the chance in history, I will definitely buy them all.

The above list has been the most expensive and elegant timepieces in the human history, made with painful intricate details by the most passionate watchmakers.

Their complexities are justifications of being the most expensive watches in the world ever sold.